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Summer Wild Church Book Group 
Thursdays in June 5-6 pm PST

"Hope Matters." 

And yet so often the narratives that dominate public conversation on the environment focus on the threat and doom of inaction as a way of trying to motivate human behaviour. Kelsey draws on a rich interdisciplinary tapestry of research to show how this has failed. She demonstrates how hope can empower humans to care for the world they know and love. 

We will bring this book into conversation with Christian theology - asking how a faith perspective can motivate change. Not the simplistic hope of a supernatural cure, but rather the hope that comes through patiently living the kind of life God has called human beings to live, inhabiting the Kingdom of God - what one might call, 'the ecosystem of God.'

Join us on zoom for a rich conversation - REGISTER HERE! You only need to sign up for the first date in order to be registered for all four weeks.