Then are they truly monks, when they live by the labour of their hands, as did our fathers [and mothers] and the Apostles. Yet let it all be done in moderation, on account of the fainthearted...

- The Rule of St. Benedict


The Abbey Beverage Collective is the Emmaus Community's nano-industry.

From time-to-time we produce Belgian-styled strong ales, inspired by the Trappist brewing  tradition, as well as non-alcoholic elixirs (such as lime-ginger elixir, which can be added to water),  jams, gift baskets and other craft products made by the hands of our members.

Though we are not Trappists, we do seek to follow their guidelines for production, which are:
- All products must be made within the immediate surroundings of the abbey;
- Production must be carried out under the supervision of the monks or nuns;
- Profits should be intended for the needs of the monastic community, for purposes of solidarity within the... Order, or for development projects and charitable works.

All of these products are available for a suggested donation.

The collective is not a commercial enterprise, and all profits go to support the common life of the Emmaus Community.

Think of it like a church bake sale, but with beer and elixirs!